Hi, i'm Gheorghe,
web developer.

My passion is creating, and I find happiness in being a better me today than the me yesterday.

About me

I'm passionate about building open-source stuff and teaching people to code. I have started my professional web development journey building web apps using NodeJs and React. I love exploring new technologies and playing around with them and to contribute to the open source community by creating tools which can be helpful to the community, doing photography & sketching in my spare time, listening to some music which ranges from rock to pop and going around with my friends.

In my spare time and weekends I'm helping developers👨‍💻 around the world to build better software by building and sharing my own projects for Free to the Open Source community.


This Component lets you integrate p5 Sketches into your React App.
💪 Downloaded 50K times by React Developers
💉 1.7K Repositories on GitHub depends on react-p5


commitlint-jira checks if your commit messages meet the Jira conventional commit format.
💪 Downloaded 1 Million times and growing by 18K downloads weekly


A GraphQl web IDE. GraphiQL-Storm uses components of GraphiQL under the hood but is meant as a more powerful GraphQL IDE enabling better (local) development workflows.
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Sometimes when I have inspiration I'm trying to share my knowledge or my researches with others by writing ✍ articles on Medium.

Improving React Performance Using Bulk Processing

Unfreezing your React+Redux applications.

Integrating P5 Sketches Into Your React App.

P5 integration with React done right.

3 Tips to Keep Your JavaScript Project Fresh

Let’s automate main processes in your JavaScript project.
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